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Kotobuki's Original_11_The Kimono Yukata girl in Summer Fes.___2007.09.02___


----"YUKATA"is casually Kimono for summer----

the door some of the old type or businesstype refrigerator doesn't open from the inside.
Never go into the refrigerator!

Where did a Boston type glasses frame go out?
In the 80's
A Boston frame was very popular in the world.
This frame isvery famous for the Manga comics "Dr. slump"
by the great charisma artist"Akira Toriyama"
Heroine's ARARE have wore it brack and big Boston type frame.
she is woman type robot and bery cute and powerfullest...(^-^;)
I like this work very much.
I think her of the early the sixth prize body more attractive.

But, she becomes small a body soon four prizes.
and,She became too small a body two prizes at the end.

I want to ask and request the great teacher Toriyama sensei.
Let's remake the "Dr.slump"!
with ARARE version of the sixth prize body(^-^;)

Wallpaper size is here